20 June 2012

five and counting.




Today you turn five. Slowly, you smile and time unfolds her arms. While I can't believe the year of five is here, it is just the beginning. The steps that will lead you down a path towards boyhood. Where you will grow inside and out until you become the person you are meant to be. The person who I will always love. Who I will always tuck into bed and know that I am blessed. The person whose hand I will always hold and who I will always walk by in life. I will never run ahead or let you fall behind. I will carry you when you need a mother's wing, but sometimes I may let you fall. So you can pick yourself up and continue on your journey in life. I will always be there, watching and love you.

May you have endless dreams that carry you to this future.
May you forever be lost in youth.

Happy Birthday Joshua.
I love you with my heart and soul.


  1. Happy Birthday, Joshua! You are such a JOY to have in Kindermusik - I always look forward to spending time singing, dancing, making music and laughing with you. Enjoy your day!! Love, Miss Debbie

  2. What a beautiful post, I love your writing so much. Happy Birthday Mr. Joshua! I hope it's amazing, wonderful and fun & that each year just gets better and better.

  3. Beautiful :) Happy Birthday to him!

  4. Such a beautiful post! Happy birthday sweet boy! I hope you had the best day ever!


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