we play with our hearts.










watching the ball as he scores a goal

On Saturday mornings there is a hustle and hurry around our home. When the word soccer is mentioned everyone seems to fill with excitement. For the game, for running around with a summer sun and for the hope of possibly scoring a goal this time. As the boys rise, they slowly put on their mesh shirts and pull up their tall socks. They stretch their arms and wipe the sleep from their eyes. And then, as if the morning has jumped into their hands, they run down the stairs and out the door. And as they run around on that soccer field they smile and laugh because they know the game is about having fun. These boys, they play with their hearts.

On Sunday, Jon and I both participated in the Canton Marathon. Jon ran the 10K (and came in third for his age group...way to go) and I ran the 1/2 marathon. Although I was under prepared for this race (I only got in two long runs in preparation) I would say I ran with my heart. And it is that motivation that carried me across the finish line. I'm very happy with my time, but next year I'll train a little harder so I'm prepared for those rolling hills ;)


  1. This is so sweet! He looks so excited :)

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  3. I'm not a huge sports fan but my goodness your pictures are beautiful... Makes me think watching a soccer game might not be so bad :)

  4. your boys are so sweet, they look like happy little kids in a commercial playing sports. Glad they're in it for the fun & not overly competitive already. way to go both of you for the marathons, even if you both would wouldn't have done so well it's awesome just to do it! Enjoy the weekend : )

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