into the woods.



I can remember days of my childhood playing in the woods behind my parents home. To my wandering mind it was an endless world of tall trees and canopies that hovered below skies. Where birds sang magical songs and if I tried hard enough I could see a lake in the distance. For many years these woods were my home to play and roam. They were a place where creativity grabbed a hold of my youth and where stories began.

Yesterday the boys explored our yard, they tucked themselves under the low hanging pine trees and discovered a new world of their own. A magical forest where twigs and sprouting ferns quickly became a fort. A place to hide from made up creatures that lurked behind trees. A place where brothers shared secrets and where summer began.










And while the boys played and wandered into the woods Jessica and I planted our herbs, drilled holes in wood boxes and prepared dinner. Life is still hectic with no kitchen but you learn to manage. There is no better time to mastering the grill than summer and grilling has become our technique of choice for every dinner. Last night we enjoyed grilled vegetables (portabella mushrooms, radishes, eggplant, yellow zucchini) served over quinoa with a side of corn on the cob. I'm on the search for new ideas for grilling. Perhaps next I'll try grilled fruits for dessert.

Did you notice we finally got the hood up above our stove?? That baby took three weeks to install! Now we can tackle the next project...the island.


  1. I love those photos of Jess in the box, how adorable is she?

  2. I also remember playing in the woods. Great memories! Thanks for sharing :) Glad you are getting a kitchen almost back.

  3. I'm so in love with your succulent plantings! It all looks so amazing. Jess is getting so big these days! Mmm, grilled vegetables with some good wine are one of my favorite things during the summer. I can't wait to break out our grill now.


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