05 June 2012

nature walk.

Today I was feeling the lack of sleep from the night before and thought I could never make it through the day. While I would have given anything to stay on the couch and nap and catch up on my book, that is just not an option in my life right now. Just because I was feeling under the weather (probably from the late night showing of The Hunger Games we went to) doesn't mean that I should drag my children into my laziness. SO, I peeled myself off the couch, actually put on cloths and brewed another pot of coffee. Since it was such a beautiful cool spring day we decided to take a nature hike around our yard. I gave the kids an empty egg carton to fill with pieces of nature that caught their eye. Here are some of our observations:





We are currently working on our Spanish, a subject they learn in school and in the home (my mother is Spanish and my step mother in law is a Spanish teacher).
Today's words we practiced were:
los colores// azul, blanco, negro, verde, rosado, rojo
pajaro (bird), perro (dog), el árbo (tree), el sol (sun)

I have been using this site for printable material and crafts.
It's designed for teachers, but is very user friendly!

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes via comments, twitter, facebook and instagram!!
Those special messages put a smile on my face and in my heart.


  1. Love your walk and what a great site :-) I should print some things out and take Judah on a nature walk :-)


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