out to sea.

There are moments in life that capture the soul. A sun rising over luminous mountains, the whispering of leaves as wind dances through a forest, metal chimes singing on summer nights. The subtle sound of ocean waves walking over sand, a sun setting across delicate sea oats with rays that reach to hold your hand. These moments take my soul, they capture my heart and move me out to sea. It is amazing the power of nature and the impression she leaves on the mind.

Every year we start out our vacation with the same tradition. The family meets at The Oceanic Restaurant and Pier for a Bloody Mary and a seafood lunch. And every year before I head inside I run out to the beach with the kids to get the first taste of the ocean. The salty air, sandy feet and smiles all around. And then, it's a race to get to our house, unpack the car and run to the waves.

I'm a little behind with sharing our vacation. Somehow last week slipped between my fingers. I'm still unpacking from the move, catching up on laundry and trying to embrace every moment of summer with the kids. I also managed to have not one but two nights out last week! Dinner with Jon at the restaurant and then a spontaneous night out in Cleveland. Dinner at Crop Bistro then Vampire Weekend at the House of Blues. I have a feeling we won't be getting a night out for awhile due to a tight budget and lots of work that needs done on the house.

Enjoy your weekend friends! I'm looking forward to Sunday since Jon doesn't have soccer and we'll be together all day as a family...working on the house ;)


  1. Oh nice pics,
    I love how clear the water is.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Makes me want to run to the ocean, if only the weather was a bit better!

    P.s just thought I'd say hi as I follow you on Instagram (@goldteeth) but never realised you had a blog...silly me, but now I do and I am going to enjoy getting to know it!
    Abigail x


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