31 July 2012

summer is for friends.

summer is for finding friends
running through yards and building forts
late night s'mores and lots of lego talk

summer is for growing into friendships
secrets whispered over melting ice cream
stretching out over a cool patch of grass
dancing with sparklers a little past bedtime

summer is for embracing every moment
we have a few weeks left and plenty to enjoy
trips to the museums
adventures in new cities
homemade pizza with neighbors
and enough swimming to fill each day

today we are off to the store
a short trip to the library
a quick visit to a family member's new home
playing with friends
some serious lego building
sheets made into a castle
and warm cookies from the oven

if i'm lucky i'll get in some yoga
and plenty of cuddles at bedtime


this is Jessica and her best friend Eli
possible love at first sight

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  1. GAH! That is so freaking adorable. :) She's a lovely little lady!


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