02 August 2012

to the zoo we go.

Sometimes when life becomes so busy you just need to step away. You need to pick up and take a journey. You need to focus on what's important. Family. Marriage. Children. Enjoying those last weeks of summer.

So, last Sunday we picked up for a couple days and headed to Columbus. We roamed around the zoo as if we were on a wild adventure, and afterwards we headed to the adjoining water park. I have to be honest here, I'm not a huge fan of water parks, but we always manage to have an amazing time. Minus the fact that Joshua is too small for all the rides, but a very nice worker let him slip by on one particular ride. That was his free pass. After the zoo we headed to my brother's house for the night. The boys ran and played with their cousins while we and enjoyed a nice visit with Mike and Liz (yes, my sister in law is Liz too :). We cooked up a feast of steaks on the grill, morel mushrooms, roasted asparagus and summer tomatoes. And of course some tasty wines.

The morning brought more playtime for the kids and an outing for Jon and I. We enjoyed lunch with Jessica before I dropped Jon off at at wine tasting (I skipped out on this one). While Jon "worked" Jess and I headed to Easton for some quick shopping. I was so excited to go to West Elm and look at these chairs, but unfortunately they are a catalog only item. We are on the search for bar stools for the island. I also popped into Anthropolgie to check out these hooks, but decided to hold off. My hands were a little full with Jessica, who didn't want to walk or ride in the stroller. She only wanted in mama's arms. After a day of shopping and wine tasting we said our goodbyes and headed home to pick up some Chinese carryout. I'll take an adventure like this with my family any day!


  1. cute! Love the pictures! And I know all too well about a daughter that only wants to be in mommys arms!

  2. I just stumbled on your blog tonight. It is luxurious and perfect. Seriously, so beautiful. I want to stay here all night. Subscribing now!

    the Reverie blog


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