we all scream for ice cream.

Today, we finally caught the ice cream truck! We played with friends, the kind of play dates that last all day long. I listened to the kids laugh and giggle the day away, I listened to them play spies and star wars while tucked away in my closet. Today I finished up the last of the school shopping. I cooked a summer dinner filled with a free range chicken, tomatoes from my sister's garden (who lives up the street), local green beans and homemade cornbread. My best friend joined me for dinner and glass of wine. It felt good to sit back and relax while the kids played. I gave in and watched part of a movie with the boys. We haven't watched tv in a couple weeks, but it's the last friday before school starts. We needed to watch Star Wars while cuddling on the couch. And now, as I type away, Jon is walking in the door and we are off to listen to tonight's Phish show from San Francisco. Not a bad friday.

Enjoy your weekend friends!


  1. you have really made sure your kids had the perfect summer. i love that.

  2. YAY! You caught the ice cream man! I've only been reading for a week or two, but I feel such joy and triumph right along with you knowing you've been waiting to check this off your list!

    And beautiful photos as always!

  3. I wish I could go back to the days in which i could bite into ice cream with my front teeth without recoiling in pain. :) Have fun guys! <3


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