10 September 2012

falling into monday.

monday 2
monday 3
We opened the windows wide, letting the cool air fill our home. When I ran this morning I picked up the scent of fall, the smell of freshly fallen leaves. I have a list of should have's for the day. I won't worry about what I didn't do. Instead, we sprawled across the floor to look at books. We set up our castle that was finally unpacked from our move five months ago. I should have hung some paintings, but instead we picked up our own paintbrushes. Perhaps I'll finally finish the watercolor I have been working on for Jessica's room.

Tonight was date night. But sometimes, date nights don't work out. Things are pretty hectic around the restaurant and our night away to Cleveland had to be canceled. But I don't mind. We'll make our date night at home. A late dinner, conversation over good wine and maybe an episode or two of Breaking Bad.

I hope you enjoy your Monday. I think ours is turning out just fine.

Jess' print is from Emily Martin's shop The Black Apple. I just love it.


  1. You two are so freaking cute. And sometimes date nights don't work out, but Breaking Bad makes a nice substitute. :)

  2. sounds like a great monday to me! Also, your little one is precious!!! ;-)

  3. Sooo, I love these shots of you two sweeties!
    (I spy a remote, clever mama).. that would be so much handier than how I set a timer and make a mad dash to suddenly look 'natural' in a shot. lol!
    needle and nest design

  4. Sometimes I feel like I really want to comment, but I can't put into words what I'd like to say. Just know that I am always reading, and I think you, and your family, are just charming.

  5. @Caitlin definitley not complaing about breaking bad ;)

  6. @Melissa Bothwell-Inglis haha, yes you caught the remote ;) i always try and hide it. best $20 investment.

  7. @Katiekatie, you are absolutley the sweetest kindness person. thank you so very much. i always look forward to your comments ;)

  8. I like how you are so in-tune sounding with yourself. It sounds like so much is a bit hectic in your life but that you save yourself a lot of strife by acknowledging what you need and can do at the moment instead of doing (or lamenting over) what ought to be done.

  9. @Kristianthank you kristian. i try to stay focused on what's important, but sometimes it does become challenging ;)


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