goodbye summer.

jess 2
Good bye summer. You have officially packed up your warm days and have walked away into the distance. The cool autumn air is upon us. There is a slight chill that dances with the breeze. The leaves are slowly turning. They are slowly falling.

Hello autumn.
We welcome you with open arms.

I snapped these photos of Jess last weekend at the pool. I just packed up our summer cloths and I'll be digging through our fall and winter ones tonight. There is something about the autumn air that brings excitement to our days.


  1. Fall is definitely in the air at this house! Such cute pictures! love them!

  2. I totally agree, I love these transition seasons, there's excitement and change in the air! These photos are gorgeous, as are te ones of jess below, what a cutie!!

  3. You are such a wonderful writer!


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