07 September 2012

missing my garden

garden 2
garden 9
garden 8
garden 5
garden 4
garden 7
garden 3
We left behind our garden at our old house. The rows of tomatoes, peppers and zucchini that we planted yearly. My rosemary, basil and thyme. The horseradish root that we never had the chance to harvest and the several varietals of hops that grew up the side of our brick home. We left this all behind. Our compost that we could finally use in our garden and around the flowers. Taking out our pail to add to the compost pile was a daily chore that the boys embraced.

We have no garden at the new house and we have no compost bin. We decided it was too much with the move and house projects to put in a garden. Also, we wanted to rethink our plan and possibly put in a raised garden. My hands are yearning to dig in the dirt, my feet want to walk between my plants, the plants that we grow ourselves. My mouth waters for the taste of fresh lettuce, home roasted beets and purple cherokee tomatoes.

For now, I'll have to walk the rows of my brother in law's garden. I'll gently touch the eggplant, Roma tomatoes and zucchini. I'll brush the leaves of the beets as I pass along. I'll pick a pepper or a tomato, here and there, but careful not to take too many. Next summer my plants will grow and that will be my time to harvest.

Here you can see pictures of our garden going in last year.


  1. I want a garden so badly. We are renting a house and I have already been scheming for things to do that around the place that I need to talk to my landlord about. A small garden is one of them! ;-)

  2. what a devine garden. i too am itching for a garden. little rows of plants. watching them grow and excitedly havesting the yummy bounty!

  3. Such a bummer you had to give up the garden, but hopefully you can get back into it soon. I tried to plant some stuff here, but the raised bed the previous tenants left sits in the sun and all of the plants got baked :(


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