25 September 2012

september party.

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On Sunday we had a little get together with friends and neighbors to celebrate our new home. The rain held off and we were blessed with a beautiful fall day. The perfect day for mingling with friends, having a football game in the backyard, jumping in jump houses, sipping old fashions, roasting s'mores and staying outside until dark has settled over the day. This was our Sunday.

I want to say that I feel so fortunate to have this new home. A new home that we can grow into and grow old in. A home that will hold many memories. Memories that we will make together as a family and with friends. On Sunday our friends came together to help us celebrate and I am overwhelmed by their generosity and kindness. I always knew this house was meant for our little family, but now I know we were meant to live in this neighborhood. Surrounded by so many kind people that I am honored to call my friends.

Unfortunately, I was under prepared and didn't snap as many photos of the set up as I would have liked. And as the night carried I become caught up talking with friends and didn't snap a single photo. Yes, I'm a little upset but at least I enjoyed the party. So many times I'm behind the camera and wonder if I missed something or someone. My friend Stephanie, who recently moved to Canton, snapped a few more. You can see them on her blog Adventures in Babywearing.

I also want to add that I saw several "S'more Stations" on pinterest and had to give it a whirl. It was definitely a hit, but very messy. I suggest adding a trash can and putting out baby wipes.

And, for you foodies out there here was our menu:
Roasted Rack of Lamb marinated in orange peel and rosemary served with mint jelly
Butternut Squash Soup topped with Roquefort
Spicy Tuna Rolls and Tuna Rolls
Hummus Platter
Mixed cheese and olive platter
Shaved Roast Beef served with horseradish sauce and sourdough bread
Mushroom Crestini's

And yes, I spelled butternut wrong on my chalkboard. Yes, I am an English Major who apparently can't spell ;)


  1. i'm almost in tears that i didn't go to this. it looks PERFECT.

  2. It really was the best party! And oh that soup and cheese tray- I told Jeff all about it! He's so bummed he missed out!

    Thank you for having us- your new home is a dream!


  3. Just found your blog and oh my goodness I'm hungry now! This looks like such a beautiful fall celebration and a wonderful way to begin life in a new neighborhood. Needing a pumpkin spice latte as I browse back through the pictures now... :-)

  4. GAH the lamb looks amazing, and I LOVE butternut squash soup! One of my fall favorites for sure.

  5. You have a lovely, classic style. I need to take notes! I'm so "schizophrenic" ... Happy Housewarming!


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