waiting for sun.

fall day
I wish that I could say this is today. The perfect fall sky filled with fluffy white clouds, a hint of fallen leaves dusting the roads and touches of golden yellows and reds peaking out from the green trees.

But this is not today. Today it is cold and rainy, the sky is filled with gray overcast clouds and the sun is nowhere in sight. But that's okay. We're waiting for the sun to come out tomorrow. Our little neighborhood get together has turned into a bit of a large fall party. I don't mind the fall cold, but please keep the rain away and please let that sun come out to say hello.


  1. I can't wait for our kids to meet- tomorrow will be beautiful! We're wishing it here!


  2. jess' little outfit could not be cuter! i'll trade you my sun for a bit of your cooler temps?

  3. I kind of relish the rainy days in Fall because we are overrun with sun here in NM. :)

  4. she's so cute, i could just hug her!
    and i'm humming, "the sun'll come out tomorrow ..."

  5. What beautiful children you have! I am Stepanie Precourt's mom. Looks like a fun Fall party you had by the looks of the kids smiley faces on her blog.


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