18 September 2012

under a canopy of trees.

forest a 7

forest a 18

forest a 2

forest a 16

forest a 19

forest a 15

forest a 20

forest a 14

forest a 21

forest a 11

There are days when the sun hides
behind translucent clouds
and white curtains of sky.

There are days when light
gently touches the forest floor
rays of yellow brush against dirt
beneath a canopy of trees.

We become lost in this world
untouched, forgotten
We explore and dream
under the darkness
tucked away tightly
like a swaddled newborn.

And we wait, for time to be reborn.

**I've been experimenting with under exposure and was looking forward to shooting the kids in a woodland scenery. I'm happy with the results. Dark and enchanted witha hint of light. This exercise has also helped with my understanding of light. Do you like photography? Do you have suggestions, especially when it comes to light?

I probably won't be around too much this week. It's busy as can be around here, but after Sunday our lives should get back to normal. We're hosting a little neighborhood get together, which means lots of work on the house. So for now, I'm off to touch up paint and rearrange furniture.


  1. oh goooooodness! These are so rich and beautiful.. and your trio of darlings are such good models for you (as usual!).. too funny, I've just been experimenting with underexposing my shots TODAY.. must be our 'great minds' thinking alike. ;o)
    needle and nest design

  2. Such gorgeous kiddos- I can't even stand it!! :)

  3. There is something so very "Peter Pan" about these photos. Beautiful.

  4. Love the exposure, these are gorgeous photos!

  5. Beauties...the photos and the kiddos! Great job:) I took a little photography class in the Spring...I have SO much to learn in order to just make photos of my kiddo look better. And after seeing these I'm gonna go set him under a tree and take photos until they look like yours;)

  6. These photos are beautiful! Looks like they're straight out of a magazine or look book.

  7. ALLLLLLLL of these photos are so beautiful!!!
    The last one has me swooning all over the place!
    xxx, g


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