23 October 2012

a journey with children.








we walked in silence
as a family
listening to the open woods
and the music she made.

we walked down paths
over fallen trees
and under branches
leaving subtle sounds
behind with footsteps.

we walked so far
children had to be carried
on backs and in our arms;
along the way we found
a walking stick to help
carry the weight
of our journey.

our journey was a hike
a family outing
an adventure that turned
into a forest of animals
to a mountain
waiting to be climbed
to a sea of serpents
that slithered on forest floor.
our journey was imagination
becoming lost with a child
allowing them to hold your hand
and take you anywhere.

for this, i am blessed
because every day is a journey
with my children.

**Yes, Joshua truly was that tired! And yes, Jon and I pretty much carried him the entire hike. His eyes look so sad here, but trust me there is not an inch of sadness in that child. He spends so much energy singing and dancing all day long that by dinner he is beat. Our hike started a little later than planned so he was extra tired this evening.


  1. Lovely! We, too, enjoy hiking through the woods.. and yes, our wee gal says she's "toooooo tired!" to walk after only a few steps. lol.
    That last shot of Mr. Jon is sweet.. 'pensive G.Q'? ;o) Now you and Jess could make a painting project of that walking stick!
    have a lovely week friend.
    mel ;o)
    needle and nest design

  2. He does look so tired, haha! These are gorgeous. Can I please hang out with your family?


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