25 October 2012

family outings.

monday outing 6

monday outing 7

monday outing 2

monday outing 3

monday outing

monday outing 5

monday outing 8

monday outing4

We need to embrace and cherish the time we have. The time with family, friends, and even the time we have to ourselves. We don't have many nights with Jon to ourselves so we make sure they count. Our Monday nights have turned into our family night outing. Josh has acting class in the evening and then we all go out to dinner. A simple outing, yet something we look forward to each week. I love this time with my family, these moments my husband and I share with our little ones. I'm already looking forward to our next one.

Once again, another week has slipped between my fingers and I haven't been around much. Between a house full of sick family members, homework, housework, Halloween parties, meetings and more I have not been able to have much time for anything else. I wish I could say I have nothing this weekend and I could get all caught up. That never seems to be the case these days. More Halloween parties, birthday parties, family dinners and Trick or Treat. Busy, but good.

At some point during this weekend I will find a moment of silence to my self. I will indulge in this moment and absorb every second of it.

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  1. So, it's crazy to me how much your middle son looks like you and how your older son looks just like your husband. And Jess, of course, is a mini-you :)

    Lovely post as always my dear.


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