02 October 2012

all dressed up // josh style

josh style 1
I love dressing my kids and I especially love having fun with their cloths. So, I thought I would start to share some of my ideas with you and some great places where you can shop for your little ones. I'll randomly feature these all dressed up posts and include Jonas, Josh and Jessica.

hat // cardigan // shirt // jeans // shoes // socks

Do you have a favorite shop that you want to share? Or, perhaps you are a small business owner who would like to have an item featured here? Please email me if you have ideas to share or want to be included. Thank you!


  1. Love that Tea and Zara got a shout out! Those are my favorites, but of course I'll always take some Gap in a pinch... :-)

  2. I just bought colored jeans! Yay fall :)

  3. Too fun- I need to get my boys in some colored jeans. I second Tea & Zara, too. We are fans of Mini Boden for boys, too!



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