01 October 2012

greeting autumn.

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Every year there is a point in time when autumn meets the end of summer.
When those first leaves begin to fall and the scent of earth walks in the air.
There is a point in time when cool breezes linger around day
carrying our thoughts around clouds and into open skies.

Sometimes my heart stops for a moment
I try to capture each small detail of the season

a leaf slowly dancing in sky
a gust of wind that carries across our yard
crickets singing into darkness

I like to greet autumn with open arms.

This weekend we lazily lounged around our home. I canceled my plans to spend time with the kids, who were all feeling a bit under the weather. We walked to the park and embraced the end of September. And as we played we noticed Daddy coming home from work so he joined us on our adventure. Jon and Jessica sure are little buddies. She was so excited to see her Daddy join us. I would have to say she is a "daddy's girl."

We spent time with family, dinner with my parents on Saturday and dinner at Jon's dads on Sunday. It felt good to get out of the house. It felt good to not cook. This is another busy week. So many activities and outings and preparations. Can you guess who turns two in one week?


  1. These photos of your family are to be treasured! Such lovely memories from a day when you were all together and so blessed in life.

  2. i love these photos. i really do.

    and i can't believe she'll be two in just a week's time! i was sitting here earlier thinking how natalie has only four months until she's a big two-year-old. that blew my mind.. i can't imagine how it would feel to know it's happening in a week!

    sounds as though you guys had a great weekend though. (love not having to cook! yes!) and here's to your full week ahead! hope you're well :)

  3. Is it you turning 2?! haha juuuust kidding :)

    Love the fall colors, and your gorgeous face! I want Jessica's sweater in my size please.

  4. So beautiful! I am loving the pops of color appearing around every corner!


  5. These are stunning! Loving all that Fall. And you and your little man in that one photo... love!


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