07 October 2012

almost two.

jess beach
Jessica is almost two.
Time seems to have danced away into the night and I am left with a little toddler. Not a baby, a toddler. A small child who speaks, who can hold a conversation with me, who knows what she wants. And trust me, she tells you what she wants.

There was a time when I thought she would always be a baby. Someone I could carry on my side, someone I could pick up and keep safe and someone who would always need me. She is my youngest and she is my last child. Just the act of writing that statement makes me sad. At the thought of no more baby my heart hurts.

And now I look to my girl who is a toddler. I know we have a long road ahead of us filled with so many memories that I will always cherish. These memories remind me that I need to leave the baby behind and embrace my big girl.

On Monday Jessica turns two.
Today we celebrate with family.
Today, she is still my baby.

// Thank you for all the comments and emails about my previous post! It means so much to me. I'll respond to you on Tuesday since today is party day and tomorrow is Jessica's day. I've thought about the sponsorship concept all weekend....and I'm still confused on what to do :)


  1. This is beautiful :) Happy early birthday, little girl!

  2. so sweet! I hope she has a great 2nd birthday! My daughter turns 2 in a month . . . I understand everything you have said above!

  3. Such a lovely post from you, as always.

    Jessica is stunning.

  4. Such beautiful thoughts. As my own little baby is now 18 months, I know the feeling of a heart turning. So much joy and yet so much letting go in this mothering process!

  5. oh such a beautiful picture! Just found your blog and wanted to say hi x

  6. Beautiful little lady. Happy Birthday Jess!! I hope you guys had a wonderful time celebrating.


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