05 October 2012

making chage.

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I have lines around my mouth. Some call them laugh lines. I don't think I prefer laugh lines. Unless they are something caused by happiness. By the act of smiling and laughing so often in life that they have made this mark. Forever.

Then I suppose they are okay.

I've been thinking about this little blog of mine. A lot lately. I am a woman of change and I've been thinking about making some changes, but I wanted to get your opinion. Your honest opinion.

I've been thinking about bringing on some sponsors. Not a lot, just a few. You see, we own a small business, and I feel that has given me a whole new appreciation for the business world. I will support local and small businesses any day of the week. Through blogging I have found several small businesses that I would never have discovered otherwise. So I suppose I want to take these discoveries and pass them along to you.

But I don't want my blog to change. I blog for myself, for the sake of keeping memories, to improve my photographs and challenge my writing. I will not have a blog that is cluttered with sponsored posts and guest features. I don't mind them, but they just aren't for me. I want to stay true to my simplistic style.

A penny for your thoughts?

I would truly appreciate your opinion on this matter. I am so torn in which direction I would like to go. I feel that I can make an argument for both sides, but I always come back to my confused state on the matter. Please comment here or you can email me at yellowfinchdesigns@yahoo.com.

Thank you thank you for your input!


  1. I'd do whichever you fell the pull more strongly. If it won't have any effect on content then I think it could be a fun experience for you to try- even just for a month to see if it's for you. Personally I hope to un-monetize my blog in the future because I want to be able to take more breaks from the business side of things. But that's just a personal choice! I'm really glad and thankful for what it's done for me so far.


  2. Oh, love that style! As to your question, I hear you ~ and have wondered the same for mine many times ~ that constant issue of not wanting to 'sell out' by selling 'shares' of the space is a real trick in my head. I'm sure you could incorporate a few sponsor/friend links in a simplistic format that suited your style. Even for a month trial with no commitment to try it first? Good luck! xo
    needle and nest design

  3. you're are so cute!! i say go for it! you're a strong woman, i don't think you have to worry about your blog changing unless you want it to!

  4. I say do whatever you feel is right :) I don't think blog content is changed significantly by sponsorships if you don't let it. <3 And you're awesome, so I'll read.

  5. i do it for sure, it's an awesome way to network with and support small businesses!

    xo em

  6. So beautiful! I hope you and your gorgeous family are doing well, I haven't been around much lately to keep up with anything that's been going on :\ I think if sponsors are something you're really interested in it's at least worth a try. If you find yourself not enjoying having them after a bit you don't have to continue.

  7. I have found some of the best blogs and small businesses because they advertised on sites that I already loved reading. I say go for it! Just do a trial run and if you're unhappy...stop. :)

  8. Take on sponsors! I would be interested. : ) And you don't have to have offer guest/sponsored posts when you sell ad space, if you don't want to. Nothing wrong with taking sponsors and still keeping it clean and simple (I like that).


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