04 October 2012

falling leaves. a song by joshua

We're finally starting to feel a bit better.
I'm sad we missed our music classes this week
and I'm so sad I couldn't take Josh and Jess to the ballet to see Peter and the Wolf.
But the good news is we are feeling better.
When Joshua sings you know he must be better,
even if it is a soft quiet song like "Falling Leaves."

I used the iMovie and 8mm app to make this video.
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  1. I would love to see Peter and the Wolf. My first ballet as a little girl was Sleeping Beauty; I'll never, ever forget that experience! It's certainly one I look forward to sharing with Maile.

    Your son is beautiful. And so is this video. What a precious memory to have! Did you use an app for the vintage effect? It's gorgeous!

  2. It is so hard when kids are sick! I'm glad you're all starting to feel better.

  3. oh. my. gosh.

    he's the cutest thing, isn't he?

    i'm glad everyone's beginning to feel better :)

  4. Aww :) You make some cute bebes!


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