12 October 2012

anniversary date night.

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As predicted, it was a great anniversary date. Dinner at Basil was amazing. You can't go wrong with tuna rolls and Peking Duck, followed by a homemade soup made with duck broth and vegetables.

I thoroughly enjoyed Ingrid Michaelson, her music and her sense of humor. I wasn't familiar with her, well except maybe that one song everyone knows, but I'll certainly be adding her to my itunes list. And, the opening band was great! I highly recommend checking out Sugar and the Hi Lows.

The only downfall of the evening was the cold that seemed to hit me mid show. I think the kid's colds and sicknesses have finally caught up with me, and I'm sure my exhaustion doesn't help. You know, that exhaustion where you could jump in bed and sleep for days but when in reality you hope for just six hours of good sleep. My body is telling me to rest and take it easy. And that's what I'm doing tonight. Movie night with the kids and pizza, and I'm not even going to go out of my way to get gluten free pizza. That's right. This will be a big test for my body, but I'm so tired I don't even care. After our movie it's straight to bed for everyone. I'm hoping to rise rested and ready to go for our soccer morning. Tomorrow night we are off to the Wilderness Center for the Enchanted Forest and Sunday we head to Cleveland for the Browns game.

Sometimes I miss those weekends when you had nothing to do but lay around with a good book. I'm looking forward to all our events, but I'm hoping I get the rest I need to carry me to Sunday. I think a hot bath and green tea before I hop into bed may help. Happy Weekend friends!

Skip The Line by Sugar & the Hi Lows on Grooveshark Be OK (Acoustic) by Ingrid Michaelson on Grooveshark

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  1. Oh I hope you're getting rested up!! We are just hanging out this weekend and finally going out for our anniversary tomorrow night!



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