15 October 2012

diy. stamped triangle tribal pants for kids

paint 2
Now that Jessica is two and another season is upon us it's time to fill her closet with a new wardrobe. The only trick here is that I need to fill it on a budget. So that means lots of thrifting and homemade projects. I purchased some solid color pants (leggings) from Target and immediately had this project in mind. It's easy, fun and fits into any budget!
a couple potatoes
exacto knife or paring knife
fabric paint
solid color leggings, pants or a shirt

This is honestly the easiest do it yourself project! I use potatoes all the time for stamping because I almost always have them on hand and it saves money.

// Begin by cutting your potato in half and placing cut side down on paper towels. Leave it like this for about 15 minutes to drain any water.

// Use your knife to cut desired shape into the potato. This may take a little practice. You can use the exacto knife to "clean" it up a bit.

// Paint on the fabric paint and make a couple stamps on scrap paper to make sure you like the shape and you have the feel for the stamp. When you are ready stamp away on the clothing.

paint 7
paint 5

Let me know if you try this out, and if you make a post about it please link below in comments. I would love to see your projects! You can let your imagination run wild with fabric paint. When the boys were little I let them paint their own t-shirts all the time. We used brushes, fruits and veggies, race cars, leaves, blocks you name it!


  1. Clever idea! I'll bet little kiddos would love doing this!

  2. Clever idea! This makes me want to run home and stamp everything! :)

  3. That last picture of your daughter is totally precious. I love the idea of letting kids stamp their own clothing! We did a lot of painting and stamping our clothes growing up and loved it. I had a good mom. :-)

  4. amazing, amazing, amazing! will be stamping so many things, ASAP!

  5. they're awesome! i love jess's headband too.
    she sure is a cute little thing :)


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