18 October 2012

water parks and more.

kalahar. jpg
We managed to sneak away for two days full of a water park adventure. Well, for Jon it was also a bit of work because the real reason we went was for a food show. But it was a bonus that family could attend to enjoy the activities.

And you know what, who would have guessed that this grown woman is not a fan of water parks. Not only do they invoke my phobia of germs but they made me realize that I do not like enclosed rides, fast rides and especially rides that you have to go face first. Somehow my boys, thank you Jon, managed to get me on two rides. Both of which were enclosed in a tube and one that you had to lay on a mat and go face first down a scary dark tunnel.

No thank you.
I can now say I experienced that "jello leg" feeling as I exited the rides. My white face must have sent a message to the children because they seemed to find humor in my fear. I smiled, I laughed along, but I'm not going to lie, inside I prayed I wouldn't have to go on another ride.

Except the lazy river.
That ride I enjoyed.

This week has been hectic and crazy so make sure to bare with me and stick around. Yesterday was one of those days when I just couldn't catch my breath. I constantly felt like I was drowning. I could see the surface, I could see the rays of light but I could not manage to pull myself out of the water. Today is better, but today is busy. Once I catch up I will be back on a regular basis.

Also, some changes are coming to the blog so please don't mind the mess. It takes me awhile to figure things out ;)


  1. Funny thing, water parks kinda creep me out as well. Full of germs and you know everyone peed in that water and you are drinking some...gross. But I do love the lazy river :-) its the only ride I enjoy

  2. Man, I love water parks but hate the crowds. I haven't been to one in a millenium but I'd love to. Maybe I could take your kids there next time? :)


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