20 October 2012

to the farm.

There are leaves that dance across my window. I can see them floating in the park. Crimson reds, golden yellows. I love watching the park while I sip my morning coffee. Eyes awakening for the day, enjoying the silence. The still air.

Every year it is tradition to visit the pumpkin patch. We've already been twice this fall. I helped Jonas on his school field trip, an outing every mother should attend at least once. I hope I can make them all. To see the smile on his face as my car pulled up. To watch him reach for my hand as we walked in the field. To know that he asked to sit by me on the hay ride instead of his friends.

My little Jonas and I have a special bond. Even thought I sigh and sometimes fuss that I don't have time to lay with him every night, after baths and plenty of books then talks in bed, I truly do cherish that time. Because one day he won't want his mommy to lay in bed and hold his hand, to rub his back. And on that day I'll be so sad.

Tonight I was sick in bed, and I bet you can guess who was there to hold my had and rub my back. My sweet Jonas is such a gentle soul, a kind person and an amazing son. I have so much love for my children it sometimes hurts, have you ever had that feeling?

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