29 October 2012

she danced the night away.

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Halloween is a time of disguise, a time for tricks and treats, parties, candy and loud music. Friday night we indulged in all of this, and boy did we enjoy ourselves. In keeping with the tradition, we attended our annual children's Halloween party. I can remember back to when Jonas was just three months old and I carried him around in my arms. My little lobster.

Then there was the year Joshua was born. When I needed family to help because my Joshua was so colicky and fussy. That first year I rocked and nursed him in the mother's room to help calm his mood, and Jonas, my dinosaur, pulled Nana to every corner of the room. Joshua had recently been diagnosed with a mild to moderate hearing loss and was very sensitive to sound. The loud music was just a bit too much for his little ears.

And then came Jessica. She was just two weeks old and I can remember how full my hands felt with a newborn and two small children. We felt lost in a sea of people. Joshua stuck to the dance floor, Jonas wanting to run to each room for the various activities, and myself wishing Jon could be there to help. Let's just say baby carriers can be a mother's best friend.

And now this year my children seem so independent. Jonas off running around on his own, Joshua still stuck to the dance floor and my Jessica right by his side. Those two have a special bond that I will never fully understand, but when I see them together my heart smiles.

They danced the night away. The party ended and they continued to dance on. It was a late night for us, I gave up on that little thing called bedtime. I don't do that often, but sometimes it feels good to let go. To embrace the moment.

You can see last year's party here,


  1. Jeff and I were just talking last night about how fun it is that the kids are older and we can really observe! Before, it was like we were always "watching" but not participating in the fun. It's really fun now... :)


  2. It's amazing how things change so much. I love how you have so many memories from the different parties! Their costumes are too great and Jessica's is just the most adorable.


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