31 October 2012

tricks and treats.

trick or treat

One of my favorite holidays of the year is upon us. Today is for spending a little extra time with my children. Playing games and laughing from the bottom of my tummy. Today is for eating treats, baking cupcakes and maybe even decorating cookies too. Today is for making something spooky, painting pumpkins and reading a good mystery.

Today we'll stay inside, away from this dreary rain, we'll listen to music and dance around the house. And while we party and giggle, we'll be thinking of those who are not as fortunate. Those who have been affected by the storm and who will not be celebrating today. They are in our thoughts and prayers.


  1. Seriously. Your boys have the best taste in costumes :) too freaking cute!

  2. Love their costumes! They are so adorable. Have a lovely Halloween, friend.

  3. Having lived in New Jersey when I was younger, I still have a lot of friends there (as well as in The City) -- A friend in Rumson tells me that New Jersey has cancelled Halloween. Such a bummer! But there is just so much going on ... Thanks for the reminder. And your boys are adorable!

  4. these costumes were so stinkin' good! i'll have to show mark the astronaut... though he might end up wanting it in his size. ;)


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