01 November 2012

we read. we write.




In our home, it's likely that you will find books piled around the house, books shoved in corners, magazines and newspapers tucked into couches, and children's books in every room. In our home we read and we write. Books are a part of our everyday routine, they help us relax, they help us escape, and most importantly they help us learn.

I was more than thrilled when Andrew Lapham Fersch, author of The Rough Draft of My Life Story, contacted me about sending a copy of his book. When the package arrived I carefully tore it open, eager to see what stories and adventures lay behind the wrapping. Since that moment, we have been enjoying each and every page. Every poem, every illustration.





These silly whimsical poems have been the perfect antidote for the rainy days that have been thrown our way. Lately, we spend our time cuddled under warm covers, giggling softly and reading aloud. We've even ventured out to create and write our own poems, a perfect task for little ones who are just starting to read.

Anyone who sends Andrew an illustrated poem will get a personalized one in return for free, you just need to take the time yourselves to sit and write. This is such a fun memory with your children, I encourage you to participate! Please send poems and illustrations to: Andrew Fersch / PO Box 738 / Epping, NH 03042-0738.



The Ballerina
Around and around I find myself turning
bobbing up and down with the song I always hear
And no matter how far you sometimes feel
I always dance when you are near

You can read more of Andrew's poetry for children here.
This first collection of poems, The Rough Draft of My Life Story, was a collaboration with artist Phil Ashworth, and over 1,500 copies were donated to children all over the United States.

The second collection is in the works right now.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I absolutely loved this book and am so appreciative to Andrew for sharing his work with me. The timing couldn't have been better. I have been thinking long and hard about myself, my work and my roots. My roots have always been planted in writing. From the early days of my childhood I wrote poetry, created characters, developed plots. I took this passion to college with me and graduated with a BA in English and a concentration in Creative Writing. Back in the day, before the time of children, I used to freelance here and there. The time has come for me to focus more on my writing. I've been brainstorming, the wheels have been turning and I hope to share more with you soon.

In the meantime, jump over and visit Andrew, get up and grab a pen, gather your pencils and write away. Write a poem, add an illustration and send it off!


  1. Oh my gosh, what an amazing thing that he's doing!

    I always love discovering new books of poetry and stories ... I think I'll have to order a copy of "The Rough Draft of My Life Story" for Maile's library. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I think this is so awesome! His illustrations and poetry remind me of Shel Silverstein. :)

  3. Nothing better than a snuggly afternoon spent reading! These photos are precious!


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