16 November 2012

happy weekend. and some links.

baby doll

baby doll2

Once again, the week has flown by before my eyes. It's as if I am riding in a car, nestled tightly in the passenger seat and looking out the window. I see trees and houses, roads and schools. I see the grocery store, the soccer field, church. I see these buildings that I know, that I recognize, and I see the people in my life. It all passes by me so fast, I cannot stop to even say hello.

Sometimes that's how I feel.

There is no slowing down this weekend, although I may get to relax a bit tonight for a girls night in. Saturday it's rise and shine and off to soccer games, then three (yes three) birthday parties. A part of me is dreading Saturday, but I'll pick myself up and conquer the day with my three little ones. And we'll have fun while doing it.

Oh Sunday, you can't arrive soon enough. Nothing. Nada. No plans. I have never been more excited. Sunday you will find me with my family, tucked inside our home, sitting by the fire reading and playing games. I'll see you soon Sunday!

Enjoy your weekend!
Here are a few links to read over the weekend:

I really have my eye on this necklace.
Now that winter has arrived it's time to bundle up. I could go for this coat and these boots.
Lately, I am loving vintage skirts. Especially this one, this one and this one.
These Polkadot What leggings are so cute for Jess. I have a fun post lined up next week with her wearing some ;)
I think Josh needs this t-shirt.
And I need this one.
And, I would also love this tote.

But enough wants and wishes.
Here are a couple blogs I have been enjoying:
Baby Blackbird, Light by Morning, Oana Befort, Those Who Love, Enjoying the Small Things

Happy Weekend!

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  1. such a sweet outfit on Jess!! Good grief your weekend?! Savour that Sunday for sure mama.
    needle and nest design

  2. I wonder what Jess is saying to her doll :)

    1. ha, i know. it's hilarious the things josh says to his animals. i need to write those down more often.

  3. Beautiful pictures : ). I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Xx

  4. Okay, just came across your blog. First of all, she is DARLING! Second, your photography is beautiful. I love that necklace you are looking at too. I just love your blog! :)


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