19 November 2012

color and stripes.

polka dot 2

polka dot 5

polka dot 3

polka dot 4

polka dot

polka dot 6

Some days call for color.
Color and stripes.
Today we wore red
Today we wore green.

It made me think of the holidays
waiting around the corner
with it's trees and lights
pretty little packages
sparkling stars
the scent of evergreen
lingering throughout our home.

Some days call for color.
Color and stripes to wrap
around our thoughts
to bring smiles across our faces.

We took these colors
we took our stripes
and ran in streets
laughter bouncing off buildings
and filling the empty air.

Some days call for color
and today was one.

polka dot 9

polka dot 8

polka dot 7

I hope you enjoy your Monday. Our weekend was a busy one, but a good one. My parents invited the little ones over on Friday night so I took full advantage and had a girls night in. Saturday brought us two soccer games and a day filled with birthday parties. Which, remember when I said three in this post....well, it was actually two. The other party was last weekend. I completely forgot about it. Or misread the date. Or something like that. Does anyone else have a mom brain like this??

Sunday was everything I hoped it would be. A day spent at home with the family. My sister wanted the kids to come up to her house for the afternoon so I cleaned, fell asleep on the couch and got a run in. After our big Sunday dinner, a tradition in our home, it was baths and off to bed. I couldn't have been happier to lay lazily on the couch and indulge in Dexter and a glass of wine. Thank you Sunday for treating me so well.

I had so much fun snapping these photos of Jess. These Polkadot What leggings are just the cutest pants I've seen. Very versatile and they can be paired with anything. Next time I'm thinking a plaid button down and cable knit sweater.

Leggings: c/o Polkadot What // Blazer: Target // White Shirt: Janie & Jack // Shoes: Keep


  1. Such a lovely little model you have!

  2. She's just gorgeous and your photography is so great. Did you get a new camera recently? I feel like there's something different about them!


  3. She really is just the cutest. Glad you had such a wonderful weekend :)


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