20 November 2012

let's have a tea party.

tea party 4

tea party 2

tea party 3

tea party 5

jess tea party

tea party

when life is busy
when life is overwhelming
when you're tired of feeling behind...

you just need to sit and have a tea party
you need to play
you need to forget
and most importantly
you need to enjoy these moments with your children.

Today I forgot about the laundry
I didn't respond to emails
I let my projects go
and my dishes go
and the bed that needed changed.
I let them all go.

And I sat and played.

I know I have "catching up" to do
I know I'll pay the price
but really
life is too short to care about laundry
it's too short to create stress
over things that don't really matter.

What does matter is time
the time I spend with my loved ones
time I give myself
time that I will never get back.


  1. Oh goodness, this post just makes my heart melt.

    You are so right ... Loving on our loved ones is what's most important! Every day!


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