24 December 2012

slowing down this christmas.






I can't believe Christmas Eve is upon us. How did it get here so fast this year? The month of December seems to have flown right by my eyes and I can't help but feel I missed part of it. This week was nonstop. Between Holiday parties, Jon's crazy work schedule, kid's parties, school parties, music, cub scouts and soccer I feel like my head is spinning.

To add a twist to the week Joshua missed school Thursday and Friday due to a bad case of the flu. That same flu bug hit me Saturday night while I was out finishing the shopping. It took everything in my power not to pass out or throw up at Target. I don't even know what I bought, I was literally throwing random items in the cart and booking it out of there only to sit in my car with a trash bag. When Jon got home from work that night it hit him and we were both up all night with trash cans by our bedside.

On Sunday it hit my parents and even my sister got a touch of this bug.

BUT, now it is Christmas Eve and everyone seems to be feeling better. Jon is off to work for the busiest day of the year for him (yes, Christmas Eve is the busiest day at the restaurant). The kids and I will head down for a late lunch with my family to indulge in the tradition of lobster rolls, Bloody Mary's and Tom & Jerrys. Then it's off to mass for us and home to host a small get together with family.

I didn't finish my baking this year, I didn't finish the gifts I planned on making and I haven't even started wrapping. But I've learned that it's okay. While I didn't enjoy being sick these past couple days, I did enjoy spending each moment with my children. We cuddled under covers and read, we lounged on the couch and watched Christmas movies and we made crafts and painted gifts for family.

Merry Christmas friends!
Make sure to slow down and enjoy these next couple days.

These pictures were from last weekend when we had brunch with Santa.


  1. Such lovely pictures, friend!

    As you say here, it's so important to slow down and enjoy these few days. Without trying to make anyone feel guilty, I have reminded a few friends that they are with their families for Christmas, and that's all that should matter.

    Happy Christmas Eve!

  2. Awww mama, sorry to hear that mean bug hit your home too.. yes, it sure put a cramp in our Christmas this year... but memories with family make up for all the 'projects' we didn't find time/energy for eh? Merry Christmas Liz.. hope you're all getting much better now!
    needle and nest


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