26 December 2012

ending the year.


Well, the flu managed to hit almost every single member of our family this holiday season. It started with Joshua and moved to Jon and I, it briefly touched Jess, then Jonas on Christmas Eve and day and moved on to grandparents, aunts and uncles. It was an interesting Christmas filled with restless nights and loads of laundry. After not eating for two days the traditional holiday meals tasted like small drops of heaven that I couldn't seem to get enough of.

These past few days have been so hectic I feel like everything is finally catching up with me. I can't even begin to explain my exhaustion. During these next days you'll find me playing house and kitchen with Jess, building legos with the boys, playing in the snow and watching movies with Jon.

I'm hoping to pop in over the weekend and share some photos from our Christmas, but if I don't make it it's okay. The new year is about putting less pressure on myself and embracing more moments with family, and there is no better time to start then today.

Cheers to the New Year!


  1. Amen, Liz! Thank you for your beautiful writing.

  2. I hope you guys feel better soon! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


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