christmas eve.










This Christmas felt different. Different in a good way, but it was still different. Our home was silent and filled with rest while we all battled the flu. I choose not to bake, and then at the last minute whipped up a couple batches of cookies to get into the holiday spirit. Our Christmas Eve was spent in the traditional manor; Benders for lunch, church and then a small gathering at our house. Jon and I (and my sister who got suckered into helping) wrapped into the wee hours of the night until we heard the flu hit Jonas. From that point on we were up all night.

Christmas day was calm. Quite and peaceful.

We enjoyed family. We enjoy the good food. We were grateful for the gifts we received.

The holidays are my favorite time of the year. There is always a shadow of sadness that hoovers over me when the celebrating is over, yet this year I feel ready to move on. I am ready to pick up the new year and get started. I'm ready.

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