31 December 2012

thank you 2012.

DSC_0210 copy
a year that has picked up and moved on.
a year that has traveled so quickly, leaving many memories and moments.
a year that has gifted me treasures that I may always keep.

a toddler growing into herself, speaking new words
taking on new adventures.

a small boy who embraces his laughter, his love of music.

a young boy, quickly filling his personality
embracing the classroom, finding passion in math, legos and soccer.

i have watched my children blossom and grown over this year
and i couldn't be prouder of them.

a father who works and dedicates everything he has to family
who provides and loves with an ever growing heart
whose passion for life, love, music and family embodies his spirit.

and i can't forget about our bailey.
a dog who ages every year but remains like a child at heart.
who still attempts to escape, but has found comfort in our new home.
who can't seem to get enough of the park
and deep down feels blessed to live across the street from one.

we left our home and began a new one.
we discovered that the home is in our hearts
not in the brick and or in the building.

we tackled a new kitchen, we painted walls, we ripped up carpets.
we packed and unpacked.
and now, we are ready to settle down.

we learned to ride bikes without training wheels.
and when we fell we picked ourselves up
we jumped off diving boards for the first time (Jessica)
we experienced our first spelling tests (Jonas)
we had our first broken bone (Joshua's pinky toe)

2012 brought us many memories, mostly good
some we would like to forget
but it's these memories that we carry on
that we carry on into 2013
these treasures that i write and photograph
so i may never forget

the sound of jessica's laughter that starts in her belly
joshua's soft voice when he sings to himself
the sparkle in jonas' eye when he plays
the excitement in his voice when he scores a goal.

i am ready to take your hand
to walk a new path
embrace new time.

i will take what you give me
with an open mind
and welcoming heart.

Happy New Year friends!
May you welcome the new year with a smiling soul and a happy heart.

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I also love ending the year with our Christmas card photos and our Christmas Eve (day to come soon).


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