a star wars meets legos kinda room.


I cannot believe we have been in our new home for nine months. It has taken nine whole months to finally experience that feeling of settlement, that feeling of comfort, that feeling of home. There are still many projects ahead of us, and that is one reason why we loved this house. It's one that we can grow into. There will always be a project for us to tackle or something that needs updated. I guess we're those kind of people who like to be working on their house at all times. Well, not really.

Jonas' room was the biggest challenge out of all the kids' rooms. Not only was it wallpapered, but it was plastered with three layers of wallpaper. Two original, yes they wallpapered the same paper twice, and one newer layer. I was a little over zealous with the removal and tore down the first layer before we even officially closed on the house, hence why it's missing in the before pictures.

In the end, I love how Jonas' room came together. As I was scrubbing and patching walls, sanding and re-sanding, pouting in my own misery, I thought about the things we do for our children. Yes, I hated the manual labor, but when I saw the expression on his face when it was done (I surprised him after school one day), I knew that I would do it all over in a heart beat.

Be warned, this is a photo overload.



room 3


room 5


room 6


room 4



room 2










For the record, I would like to state that this room rarely looks this clean. I would share an "honest" picture, but frankly, I'm too embarassed. This room is typically a sea of legos, and if I move or clean them up I apparentely have "messed it up." I prefer the legos on the shelves and dresser, but Jonas prefers them on the floor. Always set up for battle. I've had my own personal battles with this issue, but in the end, wouldn't you rather lay on the floor to play legos? I suppose I would.

Jonas was my helper for this post, and we had a blast photographing his room and his legos. We were having so much fun until our little party crasher, Jessica, ran in the room, announced she was poopy and jumped on the bed, which grossed Jonas out. And so he left. And so this post ends.



But, you can click below for the details and some before pictures!

The Details:
Bedding: duvet, Target and pillow shams, Pottery Barn Kids
Curtains: Target
Artwork above bed: Prints from Harshness
Vintage Map: from my mom
Vintage Globe: from my aunt
Apatasaurous on desk: The Field Museum
White Shelves: Home Depot
Desk: Ikea
Chair: Thrifted
Crate Storage Containers: Marshalls
Wine Box Storage Containers: DIY project
Lion Bank: from my childhood

If you have any questions on items don't hesitate to ask ;)

Here are a couple before pictures:





  1. jealous of the windows and the floor.

    you have a beautiful home - i'm glad you're showing little bits of it. so diverse, too!

  2. Love all the white and gray...creates a clean backdrop for all that lego activity! Beautiful photography...thanks for sharing.

  3. You've created a lovely space for your son to enjoy now and when he gets older:) x

  4. such a very very cool big boy room.


  5. Your kids' rooms are so damn neat! They look amazing! Very unique also :)

  6. what a great boy's room! you should write to Julia at the boo and the boy so she can feature it on her blog

  7. huge room! great job :) *jealous*


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