17 January 2013

dinner and a movie.



Almost eight years ago, when I was pregnant with Jonas, my parents gave Jon and I the best advice that has ever been passed along to us. They advised us to go out, enjoy date nights, remember who came first in the family. The marriage came first, and if you don't focus on the marriage there is no strength in the family.

They told us to go on two vacations every year, if we could swing it. Take the kids somewhere and make sure to take ourselves, as husband and wife, somewhere too. These days, our lives are all about our children. Our days revolve around our little ones, and we would do anything for them.

But what keeps us strong and unites the two of us as parents is our relationship. In order for us to be the best positive role models for our children, we need to start where everything started in the first place. Us. We need to keep our relationship strong so it can filter down to our children. So our children can sense our happiness and, together as a family, we can share one strong bond.

We don't get out every week, sometimes it's once a month, but those nights count and we count on them. I look forward to a few hours out with my best friend, my husband. I look forward to our conversations, even if they end up being about the kids. And of course, I always look forward to eating good food and drinking fine wine with my partner in crime ;)

This week it was an Italian dinner at a local restaurant (turns out our first choice restaurant was closed) which included homemade bread, stuffed hot peppers, salmon, Chilean sea bass and a bottle of Conn Valley. Then to the movies to see Zero Dark Thirty. I won't bore you with a review, but I do recommend seeing it. Be prepared for some political debate on the way home though.

I have to tell you, Jon makes fun of me for my movie theater ritual. I love to drink coffee after our dinner, but won't get the coffee at the theater. While Starbucks isn't my first choice, it is conveniently located near the movie theater. So, we always stop there, get my coffee and I then hide it in my purse, which I make sure to bring an appropriate one for coffee smuggling. I remember as a child going to the movies and my mom bringing our own snacks....I guess I'm turning into my mom!


  1. You are so right it is so important for parents to have time to be a couple and nurture their relationship, with a strong foundation a good marriage with last the test of time. My husband and I have a date day/night every month and we love having that time to be just us again. This Saturday is our monthly date and I'm so looking forward to it:) We like to take things into the movies too;) Enjoy your weekend.x

  2. too true.. kids feel so secure in a home where the parents show they love each other/spend time together! Currently my ben and I just look at each other 'longingly' over the craziness of kids and schedules and ...'life'! lol.. but it does make those rare dates all the more delightful. Sounds like a lovely time for you two! Love your coffee sneaking too ;o)
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  3. I wished i had you as Parents and the love that you show to your Children something i never received. My parents both divorced when i was a baby i was put into a Children's home and i grew up in this home knowing that my parents didn't love me and were not interested in making contact with me.

  4. I could not agree with you more and I wish someone had given me the same advice when Geoff and I got married. We were together 3 years before we were married and then were married for over 5 years before we had our first child. We were therefore very entrenched in our couple status. When Ella came along we managed but I have to be honest and say that a more demanding second child, together with an almost unbearable work challenge for Geoff, pushed us to almost breaking. You lose sight gradually and before you know it years have past and bad habits are routine. We never lost love though, it just became hard work. Over the past 9 months I can say we've got the balance right and do put each other first (at times) and it's all it was once and more. I will give my daughters the advice you received, with an explanation and example as well of the costs without and the benefits with!

  5. Such a great reminder. My husband and I always have grand plans, but rarely carry them through. This year, we are trying to be better! Love the after-dinner routine! And, I totally carry snacks into the theater ... buying snacks there is such a racket!

  6. Date nights are great! You look gorgeous in that dress. Kellie xx
    PS I went to see a theatre production with a friend & her Dad when I was about 8 & her dad snuck us in McDonald's & I was SO scared we were going to get caught, I could barely enjoy the show ... or the burger!

  7. It's so wonderful to have time alone with the other half. I look forward to more time with Jesse as Elie grows! You two look stunning.

  8. I love this post. SO perfect for me to read right now with a baby on the way. Also, your dress is fab. WHere's it from? x

  9. Such a great post. We are doing our first trip away soon (without little one). I am so excited to have a fun adventure with my hubby and am trying to not feel guilty about leaving my little girl since i know that we need this to stay connected as a couple. Thanks for the great reminder that this is important.


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