18 January 2013

windy day smiles.









Sometimes, we create moments that don't need words to offer descriptions. Sometimes, the descriptions are tucked tightly into those moments and quickly sealed like a lost envelope in a writer's desk. Hidden away only to be found at a later time.

Yesterday, I shared such moments with my Jessica. Our morning time together, our music class, and these photos. Little description is needed. I tightly grasp these memories and have them sealed in my own envelope and, one day, I will open these memories and laugh, smile and perhaps even cry.

We don't need great moments to create lasting memories. We can find them in our everyday routines, our everyday talk. It's the small conversations I have with Jessica, or her giggle when we play games, her her soft voice when she asks for a book, or the way she always says "just five more minutes, mama."

These are the small moments I want to remember.


It's the weekend, and I couldn't be more thrilled! I'm looking forward to pizza night with the kids and watching Free Willy. We're on our orca kick and keep talking about them with the kids. We'll be able to see AND hear them from the house we are staying at this summer in the San Juan Islands.

I think I'm more excited than the little ones!

We won't be kayaking this trip, but it was fun watching these videos: one, two and three.

And then we watched this video and decided to stop watching you tube videos on orca whales! This video is obviously not in Friday Harbor, but it's enough to make you think just how powerful nature truly is.

Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. I can't believe how much she's growing up! <3

  2. So beautiful! The little moments ARE the most important ones, because they truly make up what we are to become. We live on the the Kitsap Peninsula in Kingston, just a bit south of the islands! You should come visit us for an oyster dinner at our favorite restaurant and a photo hike!

  3. so sweet. and orcas?!?! that's awesome!

  4. beautiful. sounds like we had similar mornings with our girls yesterday. and.... we finally had some cooler weather also

  5. You are so right about some of the best memories being in the little moments. Your morning sounds lovely ... made all the more so by that cardi! Kellie xx


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