03 January 2013

bringing in the new year.






Our New Year's Eve was simple and laid back this year. I have a feeling the days of gathering twenty of our friends at the restaurant and celebrating until the wee hours of the night are behind us. I'll try to hold onto the music and dancing, but I can pass on the late night partying.

Does that make me sound old? Because sometimes I feel old.

Most of our friends couldn't make it down this year. Lack of babysitters, out of town celebrating and small gatherings at home kept them away. Luckily, I got to meet up with some new friends (Amanda and her husband Phil and Allie) for a pre-evening cocktail and conversation. Then it was a late dinner for Jon and I. We made the last minute decision to head home with a couple friends to keep up with the tradition of watching Phish bring in the New Year. Once again, Phish, you weren't a let down. After our basement show ended we continued to sip on champagne, hang out, listen to records and strum the guitars until way too late in the night for this mama.

It was a quiet New Years, but it felt good to be home when it arrived.

It felt even better to spend the next day with my family.

Did you have any big celebrations for new years eve? Did you hang out with friends or family? Do you have any yearly traditions? Obviously ours is watching Phish ;)

You can see last New Years here.


  1. well, at least you made it out. this year i would have been fine on he couch with pajamas and a movie but we did drag ourselves to our neighbor's house for a neighborhood pig roast. i was back at home by 10:30 with a very tired and sleepy Lily. it was different from all the crazy new years but perfect also.
    you looked beautiful. happy weekend!

  2. we were in bed before 12... ha!

    i'm thinkin' some years will be brought in with a big celebration.. some won't ;)

    your evening looks great, though. love your festive attire, too!

  3. So glad we got to see you! It was like none of us had any children for a night. Fun times! haha


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