04 January 2013

sounds of children


I set aside my mornings for mother daughter time.
For toddler time, reading time and play time.
When Jonas and Josh were two they started a toddler two preschool.
Two hours. Two days a week.
It was time for them, time for me.







Jessica's toddler two program is here at home.
Here with me.
These moments and days travel so quickly and one day I will be home alone.
No sounds of children running down hallways.
No sounds of brothers yelling at each other.
No sounds of nerf wars and lego battles.
No sounds of soft laughter.

One day it will be silent.
One day I will be lonely.

For now all I can do is embrace this noise and these sounds. Record them in my memory. Enjoy them. For these are the days I long for. These are the days that make me who I am.

A mother. A listener. A giver. A lover.

This morning, while I made the beds and sipped my coffee, the house became too silent. As I opened doors and searched I found my little Jessica hiding in her room and tightly clutched in her hands were five tubes of lip-balm. Her smile filled the room like the soft sunlight dancing through curtains, and her lips glistened with layers and layers of balm. These moments make my heart happy.

And these moments make me realize where all my lip-balm went!


  1. LOVE these photos of Jess! and your mornings with her sound wonderful. Can't wait to have mommy daughter mornings with my own little :) Have a great weekend!

  2. love that last line!

    and jessica looks gorgeous. really.

  3. This post is entirely beautiful. Beautiful girl, photography and words! So glad to have found your blog.

  4. What a beautiful insight into your morning

  5. Such a beautiful, gentle way to spend your mornings. And such wise words too! The lip balm story made me smile and those eyes.....divine. WIshing you the loveliest of weeks :) x

  6. love, love, love! She is precious and your words are beautiful. It is an art and a blessing to be able to etch those moments onto your heart.

  7. this is beautiful! what an inspiring mom you are.

  8. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I have truly enjoyed going through the archives of yours. You have absolutely beautiful children and Jessica has stolen my heart, what a cutie!!


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