24 January 2013

getting over the hump.


We all have days that are trying. Days that test our patience and days where we struggle to stay on top. Lately, it seems that every wednesday I struggle. I try to keep my blog a positive place where I can focus on creative writing, journaling my life with my family and improving my photography. But, I would be lying if I didn't tell you that I do have days that are a constant battle. I lose my patience. I want to cry. I become frustrated. But, this is all part of the ride. The ride of parenting. Like marriage, there are ups and downs. There are days where you question if you are doing the right things as a parent. There are days that test your patience and yourself as an individual. Yet, I believe, it is in these times you find strength.

You learn to breath. You learn to step back.

On my Wednesdays, I have learned to step back. I have learned that it's okay to grab carry out, it's okay to practice our spelling in the car, it's okay to forget about the laundry. On these Wednesdays I run the show, I fly solo with our day because Jon has been tied up at work. His hours start in the morning and I usually don't see him until eleven at night. Between my everyday activities, Lego Club, Cub Scouts, music lessons and homework (which tend to all fall on this day) I am done. When the kids are gently tucked away in bed, and I've read six different books, went up and down the stairs ten times to grab various drinks, double checked the teeth, the night lights and set out school cloths I am ready for that hot bath. I am ready to become lost in my book. I am ready for escapism.





You learn to step back.
Play music.
Have a picnic indoors when it's so cold and frigid outdoors you can't think about leaving the warmth of home.

You learn to use imagination.
Go on a mountain climbing adventure with a school backpack and a set of dirty wooden stairs.
Mountain climbing becomes a rescue mission.
A bear hunt.















I'm learning to breath on my Wednesdays. This was our Wednesday, captured in photographs.

a messy kitchen // happy girl // oh, hello // an orchid plant from a friend // music maker // a packed picnic // lunch and sunlight // yogurt drinks // a little explorer // pride, with backwards pants // adventure time // this just makes me laugh // nap time with bunny // homework time // drawing plans for the Pine Wood Derby // bedtime // bedtime smiles // big boy books // down time for mama

avocado oatmeal mask recipe from here.

My friend Mel started a new series on her blog. Linking up with her ;)


  1. We really are kindred spirits! I only just finished having a conversation with my beautiful man about the very same thing. A car trip home from my parents was turning ugly...."let's sing!" I declared and for forty minutes we sang our hearts out til I couldn't remember any more children's songs. You just have to go with it don't you?! Such a beautiful post :) x

  2. It sounds like Wednesday was a really long day, those days can be so tiring, draining emotionally and testing on so many levels that end of day bath and face mask sounds like the perfect treat after your day. Having those days aren't fun at all. You have captured some beautiful, simple moments in your day. I'm really enjoying your photography too. Enjoy your weekend.x

  3. Oh goodness, this was especially lovely Liz.. the 'realness' the 'imagination' the 'grace' given to yourself - your family - your readers here. Great images too - oh those guys are adorbs!!
    (I would love having your mama heart shared over here on the Monday Mamalogues link up I've just started.. would be fun to have you too!).
    needle and nest design

  4. i don't even know how you do it with three but, it looks like you make the most of it. yes, some days are more challenging than others. we just have to keep on breathing. xo

  5. love this set of photos!

    honestly mama, right about now i'm feeling as though i wish my life were as busy...
    natalie and i have little we can get out and do. we only have the one car that sean takes to work and it's been below freezing out lately. we have a big case of cabin fever and just reading this post makes me feel as though i did sooomething. ha! yep, that's where i'm at, i suppose.

    enjoy your hectic life for me!

  6. I know the feeling! I only have one but at times I just want to fall on the floor sobbing. But at the end of the day it really is worth it!

  7. Beautiful. I've been feeling a major slump over the last few months or so and it's been hard to focus on the positive. Your blog is always a breath of fresh air for me, whether you're writing about how happy you are or reflecting on the struggles you face. You're just a lovely person that I wish I knew in real life :)

  8. i appreciate honest posts like this. and that indoor picnic with those sweeties. <3

  9. my weeks have been full of endless "stuck in a rut" days, and it's times like these I really feel the need to change something in my routine. BTW an indoor bear rescue hunt and an indoor picnic sounds like a heap of fun, what a cool idea =D I also would not discount the blanket fort, I had the best fun building those when I was a kid =)


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