25 January 2013

winter portraits




Self portraits.

An area where I have always struggled with my camera and knowledge of photography. I have tried numerous rounds of self portraits that end in blurry images, incorrect exposures and just simply bad photographs. I found myself reverting back to auto mode, something I told myself I wouldn't do.

It's a new year and I have new challenges set for myself. I've officially been shooting only in manual mode for a little over a year now and I won't revert backwards when it comes to self portraits. Perhaps this may become a new series, or perhaps something I work on silently on my own. Regardless, it's time to focus on the portraits.

Do you have any tips for self portraits? How do you manage these shots?




I took these photos in manual mode with no post editing.
Last year I took some self portraits that you can see here.

I always find inspiration in these lovely blogs who have beautiful self portraits: one, two and three. And I have always always admired Katie and her amazing talent for photography.

Happy Weekend friends!


  1. These are really gorgeous photos, your photography has grown so much from your photographs last year. I don't think I could really offer any advice I'm still learning and I haven't every tried a self portrait before, I'm not very good on the other side of the camera. I love how you've captured the snow too, so very pretty. I think I should be asking you advice for taking photos. May I ask what camera you use and lens your photos are always so lovely and sharp? xx

  2. these are fantastic. that scarf is insane.


  3. As always, these photos are stunning.

    That last one of you and sweet Jess? Pleeease frame it!

  4. These are just so lovely! You truly are a beautiful lady...inside and out. I love how you've set yourself this challenge and from where I'm sitting...you're off to a brilliant start. The snow looks so magical. I feel very inspired to try some self portraits myself. Wishing you a beautiful weekend lovely soul :) x

  5. i am so the same. but these are fantastic! love them.

    i tried to take some just the other day and ended up with blurred, dark images. i, too, shoot in manual now and had to revert to auto to get a decent(ish) image! so funny...

    i haven't the slightest clue how to do it well. good luck!!

  6. these are great. i'm not good at taking self portraits with my camera, i usually rely on my phone for those and i really must start shooting on manual setting. hope you are enjoying your weekend. i'm envious of all the snow around you. it's in the 70's here today :(

  7. so pretty!!

    i'll probably never have the patience for self portraits! do you have one of those buttons to hide in your hand? i love imagining photographers setting the timer and then running to get in position. :)

  8. super cute! :) i've been trying out taking some self-portraits too. definitely takes some practice, but these look great! xo


  9. oh these photos are beautiful!! You already know that I am only just exploring self-portraits, I can't wait for my remote to arrive! I am managing fine on manual with the settings, but I am super struggling to get the focus right, my arms are just not long enough unless I am taking photos of my face (or eyes) ;)

  10. Have I told you I'm seriously envious of your photography ability? These are gorgeous.


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