21 February 2013

Bella Bare Wear. a new line of suits.


I've reached that time in winter when I long for summer days, for the warm sun to shine on my face and the mornings when I pack the kids up and we head to the pool. I am longing for those lazy pool days, melting popsicles, long skirts that blow in warm winds and late evenings spent outdoors on the patio. When Ashley Rose, owner and designer for Bella Bare Wear reached out to me with her new product line I couldn't help but be intrigued by the sudden reminder of summer. Bella Bare Wear offers stylish and functional snap-change swimwear for girls 6month to 4T. Functional and stylish? Sounds like a match for us and any busy family on the go.

They have a three snap crotch in each suit to make diaper changing and bathroom trips easier. They are made from premium UPF 50+ fabric, range in sizes 6month to 4T and matching cover-ups are available. I'm not sure what your summer attire consists of, but we mostly live in our bathing suits. Chances are you'll find us at the pool five days a week, and when we're not there you'll find us in our backyard, running through sprinklers and lounging on blankets for an afternoon picnic.

Bella Bare Wear still has less than one week left of their Kickstarter campaign, that means only one week left for those who haven't heard about them to take advantage of their pre sale only specials starting at $10 off 1 suit! For those with a lot of friends with girls, you are still able to take advantage of their 10 for $20 wholesale option where you will save over 50% on their suits!

You can check out their Kickstarter campaign and order your own suit here.


Just typing this post makes me want to pack up and head to the beach, but instead, we are planning a family ski trip. I know those summer days are right around the corner and I could't be more excited. I hope you take a moment and check out Ashley's great company. We certainly couldn't be productive creative mothers without the wonderful support of the online community.

Visit Bella Bare Wear on Facebook.

This is a sponsored post.


  1. These little outfits are making me wish my girls were little again! I'll pass this on to my momma friends. :)


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