23 February 2013




Recently... our days have been so busy and they are about to become even busier as spring unfolds. I just signed the kids up for swimming. Wait, let me rephrase. I just signed all three kids up for three different swimming classes on three different days. Phew! The boys start outdoor soccer soon and Joshua wants to play t-ball at the same time. Sure, why not, I say. Two music classes a week, cub scouts happens almost every other week and Lego Club on wednesdays. Between all these sessions I manage to squeeze in workouts and manage a household, as do so many other amazing mamas out there. Round of applause to us!

Recently... I wonder why I'm always tired.

Recently... we decided to finally join the YMCA. I'm excited to get it into gear and get in shape. I haven't talked about this, but I've a hard time getting back to my old body after having Jessica. It's kinda weird actually, I'm happy with my size and weight, but things have, well, changed. Moved. I have new trouble zones that I really want to focus on. And let's just say these chocolate chip scones I just made aren't helping.

Recently... I caved and let the kids buy a lego. Another lego. Sometimes, it's okay to cave and be the cool mom. Sometimes I feel like I'm the mom who always says no (no tv, no video game, no candy, no this no that) so it feels good to be the mom who says yes.

Recently... I've been concentrating on the Paleo diet. By no means can I eat Paleo all the time, but I certainly feel good when I do. I stumbled across this site that has wonderful recipes. The pumpkin coconut custard is awesome and tomorrow we're trying one of the frittatas (with the scones) for brunch.

Recently... Jon and I just finished American Horror Story, but I'm a little scared to start the next season. So much scarier! And, should I be watching Downton Abbey? I can't help but notice everyone is talking about it, and even my parents are watching it.

Recently... I'm remembering how easy it was for Jon and I to pick up on a whim and travel when and wherever we wanted. Before kids, of course. The first years of Bonnaroo were a no brainer. Driving to Vermont to see Phish, why not! I would sure love to go to Bonnaroo this year. Have you seen the line up? We're hoping, praying, that maybe, just maybe, we can make the All Good Music Festival. Rumors are that Phish is headlining and it's here in Ohio!

Recently... I've been thinking a lot about blogging and social media and how I want it to play a part in my life.

Recently... I've been feeling guilty about not responding to comments and emails. I am so sorry! This is something I really need to work on. At the end of the day I have such little time, and I don't work on my blog during the day when the little ones are around. Which means once they are asleep my to do list is a mile long. Last night I planned on conquering that list, but I fell asleep while putting the kids to bed! My pet peeve is when people don't respond, not necessarily to comments on blogs because that's tough, but to twitter and instagram. So many times I have reached out to others who seem like minded and who I believe I would share common interests with, and yet I hear no response. Nothing. Nada. Kinda makes me wonder why I follow them. Like every other aspect of my life, I'm de-cluttering around the social media ends too. So if I accidentally delete you please let me know!! Or, if I never respond to you please call me out!

I'm looking forward to the weekend, to lazy brunches spent with the family, to a big play date for Jonas which means pizza and cookies and rice crispy treats (I better get working on that)to a birthday party on Sunday, to a possible get away to Cleveland for me, and to a late dinner with the hubby on Sunday night. I'm excited to try some new recipes.







I snapped these photos of Jess yesterday after lunch, if the ketchup on the face didn't give that away. She is just too darn cute. There are no words for how my children make me feel.

Happy Weekend!


  1. You shouldn't feel bad about not answering back, you are one busy mama! I think my life is busy and overwhelming sometimes with an almost two year old, then I read this and decided not to complain anymore! If I had all of that, I'd probably become a nervous wreck, ha! I am happy your little ones bring you joy, they sure are cute that is for sure! Happy and relaxing days to you, and come visit us when you're in Washington, by then our garden will have veggies and flowers (I hope!)!

    1. Thank you so much for understanding Jesi!! Sometimes I am a nervous wreck, haha.

      I sure am looking forward to some relaxing days and our trip out west. We're still in the planning, so when it gets closer I'll let you know how the trip will unfold. So far it's looking like we're staying on the west side of San Juan Island and perhaps may do a day or two at Orca's Island? I'll keep ya posted ;) Veggies and flowers and friends sounds lovely.

  2. Stop stop stop.. you're exhausting me with your schedule!! lol.. phew Liz what a biz you run there.. and no worries about who you choose/declutter in your life. I'm really finding this motherhood stage of life to be weening my circles of connection too... some friends come, some go, and we all keep spinning.
    Jess is still looking adorable!
    needle and nest

    1. Perfectly put, Mel. I was sitting here trying to decide just what to say -- and here it is -- just what I wanted to say.

    2. Oh ladies, thank you! And thank you for understanding. I guess sometimes I get so tired of feeling that I need to do it all. Sometimes that's the downfall of social media. Since I've stepped back from it I actually feel less pressure and I feel more relaxed. Plus, I know you ladies and other friends I have met a long the way will always be here...if I reply or not ;) By the way, I think I owe you both an email. haha ;)

      thank you for being here and being such wonderful online friends!

  3. Oh my goodness, so much cuteness in such a small package! She looks just like you! Also, I've been thinking about going Paleo for a while now, but I have serious doubts that I can resist eating cheese...and bread...and sugar! But, like you said today, once you get into a routine, you don't miss it anymore. Maybe I just need to go for it. So nice meeting you today! I'm looking forward to following along with your blog/life!

  4. It was really wonderful to meet you! Your photography is so perfect and your little girl is the CUTEST. Also she and I are name twins, so I like her already.

    I agree with your on the whole reaching out to people who just never seem to reach back out. It's a little frustrating, but so is social media sometimes. It's hard finding a balance and keeping up with the people worthy of keeping up with.

    Also I really look forward to reading more of your blog.

  5. She is so darn beautiful!! I can relate on a lot of these points. Especially working out and eating better. I had Logan 12 years ago but age makes things move around too. I also hear you on getting kids to things. I don't know how you do it with three mama but I admire you so much for it. It's hard enough for me to just keep up with Logan's wrestling. You are super mom!

  6. she's so gorgeous.

    and yes, you should be watching downton abbey.

  7. you are one busy mama and soon to be even busier. you go!! i hear you on bloggers who not only respond but never bother leaving a comment on your own blog. i too have decluttered in that department and have deleted blogs or i too just don't comment. Jess is too cute!


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