13 March 2013

date night adventures.





Awhile back, in this post, I talked a little bit about the importance of dates nights. Since then Jon and I have managed to go on a couple more dates. On Sunday's date night we decided to turn this into a regular routine for us and made a goal of going out every other week.

Can you guess who picked the first date? Jon has been waiting for this moment to happen for several years. A date night on the golf course. I have to admit, I actually had a great time. I'm not sure that golf is my sport, mostly because I become so frustrated, but there is something to be said when the club makes contact and you watch your ball soar in open air. I smiled in satisfaction. Even if my ball was no where near the green and I made fifteen over par. And is that golf lingo even correct?

I'm thinking about sharing more of our date night adventures, so stay tuned my friends.


  1. Y'all are too cute. We need to make date nights way more of a priority. And golf date nights? Super fun!

  2. This is so sweet! That's awesome that you were able to have fun on this date night even though it wasn't something you're into. You are such a great sport :) (pun kind of intended :D )


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