16 March 2013

the weekend arrives. the weekend departs.








Another weekend arrives, another weekend quickly departs.

This is becoming the story of our lives. Time that travels too fast. Seasons that change before our eyes. I've been so busy longing for spring, dreaming of warmer days and sun filled breezes that I forgot to live today. I've forgotten to enjoy these minutes, these seconds.

I know that spring is around the corner, I can feel it in the air and sometimes I can hear it in the winds that gently tap against my window. I'll be here waiting, but I'll also be here with a satisfaction for the present.

Speaking of the present, ours is currently overflowing with busyness. Birthday parties here and there, Saturday dinners with my parents, Sunday dinners with Jon's family, trips to the library, the store and more. Easter is right around the corner and we'll keep up with the tradition of hosting it for both of our families. That means lots of cleaning and baking in the upcoming weeks. And of course, egg dying! With the arrival of spring I can't help but get a little antsy. I tend to get overwhelmed and filled with anxiety when it comes to clutter. Unfortunately, having three children means clutter but that won't stop me from trying to organize and pass along as many items as I can. I've declared this week "de-clutter week" and I plan to clean every crevice of our home. It's been almost a year since we've been in the new home and I'm astonished by the amount of "stuff" that accumulates. Speaking of the house, I finally am going to get around to sharing our kitchen renovation with you and Joshua's room will shortly follow. And since Jessica is now in a big girl bed I'll post an update on her room too.

For now, you can see Jess' room here and it was just featured over on baby space.

Well my friends, I'm off to enjoy my Saturday night with a glass of Mollydooker and good book. I'm almost done with Middlesex and am eager to reach the end.

Enjoy your weekend!

*I've had a couple questions about certain items Jess is wearing. I'm thinking about including it in posts. Thoughts? Also, I've had several questions in general. Thoughts on adding a FAQ section to my about page?

Jess is wearing :: vintage sweater, soon to be available on The Little Forest. leggings, ebay. shoes, marshals.


  1. gorgeous girl. and I love a good FAQ so I say, yes!

  2. i love what she is wearing and i hear you on the decluttering. i want to get rid of so much right now and i want to change everything. bedding, curtains, rugs... unlike you, i don't look forward to spring because it just means that "summer" is around the corner. even though we have had days in the 80's already. happy weekend.

  3. What a beautiful child! I love how she's examining that cone. And her outfit...her outfit!

  4. eeeek, that bum! What a cute lil' outfit on an adorable lil gal... LOVE it! Sounds like your plate is still super full there, but hope you're finding a pace that fits you all. Warm hugs to you and your sweet fam.
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