31 May 2013

hello summer.



School is out and summer is here sending a million smiles across our faces. These past few weeks have been a challenge. A challenge to stay on top, to keep the house clean, to shuttle everyone to all the activities. A challenge to stay awake. A challenge to accomplish everything, which I have not been doing.

But summer is here and I've decided to toss those challenges to the wind. I'm hoping my biggest worries will be getting the kids to the pool, deciding what to throw on the grill and what record to play as we run barefoot through our yard.

Hello summer.
We couldn't be happier to see you.
We greet you with open arms and lots of sunscreen.

Enjoy your weekend friends, I'm off to plant some flowers and run through the sprinkler with the kids.
What does your weekend bring?

*This picture is from this morning when Jess and I volunteered at the school for Field Day. Sometimes, and only sometimes, it's okay to start the day with a chocolate cupcake.

I'm over on my friend Kacie's blog if you want to head over and read some of my thoughts on parenting.


  1. Jessica looks a lot like you, I think. Beautiful! I never knew it was possible to get frosting all the way up to your eyebrow, I must be eating cake all wrong...


    1. when she was young she definitely looked like me. now, i don't see it as much :) but people say it all the time.

  2. She's so adorable. I'm always in awe of your ability to capture your kids. This is such a beautiful still moment in time!


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