28 May 2013

kridler gardens.














Every once in awhile you stumble across a treasure. A seashell hidden in an overstuffed drawer that takes you back to a family vacation, a note tucked away in the pocket of your old jeans, a toddler's drawing happily scribbled across your favorite recipe.

Sometimes, you happen to stumble across a new park, a unique bookstore that will soon become a favorite, and just sometimes you'll stumble across a secret garden. A couple weeks ago Jess and I packed up Bailey into the car and drove out to visit our vet, who happens to be about a half hour drive for us into the country. I usually make the best of our visits out there and stop at a local nursery, a thrift shop and a old vintage shop plopped right in the middle of a country road.

This time around our vet mentioned a garden center that I just had to visit. It so happens that a customer of the restaurant also mentioned this garden center so I felt obligated to swing by.

And that's all it took to fall in love with Kridler Gardens. I knew from the minute I pulled off the road onto the one lane rustic path that I made the right decision. As we entered the gardens we were greeted by geese, a garden just freshly planted, greens that seemed to spread forever and sprinkles of color here and there. The trees were blooming and the winds were blowing. It was perfect.

We made friends, or rather Jess made friends, with the several cats that loomed around the grounds. They honestly seemed to follow her everywhere and she couldn't have been happier. We even came across a little turtle that made his way to the rows of flowers and plants.

Those same rows of flowers and plants left an endless trail throughout the grounds. As we worked our way inside we discovered a unique habitat of exotic life. Plants I have never seen, plants that climbed as high as the ceiling, an indoor waterfall and, to the boys excitement (because I took them on our second visit), several venus fly traps.

If you live in the Canton region and are up for a destination I highly recommend Kridlers Gardens. And, if you're feeling in the mood for a getaway, you can even stay overnight in their cabin. Perhaps Jon and I need to add that to our summer to do list.

*This is not a sponsored post. It really was that awesome.


  1. What a lovely place! It brings back memories of my own childhood and the places my mom would take me. :)

    1. i hope that jess will hold onto these memories :)

  2. This is amazing. I would love to borrow that pergola for my back yard.

  3. Wow! This place is absolutely gorgeous. The kind of place you could get lost in for hours. I love hidden gems like this. They are the best! So glad you guys popped in!

    1. it was huge. you could literally hike the grounds. you would have loved it.

  4. beautiful place and lovely photographs :)

  5. I have been there and it is truly a magical place. As gorgeous as your photos are, they just begin to tell that tale of mystery and beauty.

  6. Oh what a lovely place.. Not to mention short chubby legs and saltwater sandals :)

    1. i think the chubby legs and salt waters are my favorite part of this post!


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