25 May 2013

life is like a carousel


It has been a whirl wind week in our house.

The kind of week where you are running and rushing from one activity to the next. The kind of week where your husband works seven days in a row including breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime. The kind of week where you all you want to do is fall apart or fall asleep at five o'clock, but you pick yourself up, smile and grin, and get to work making dinner.

The kind of week where you struggle to stay awake while tucking little ones into their beds, but you know you have to stay awake a little longer. There's only two more chapters in the Magic Tree House book and we must get to the end. You have to stay awake because the tooth fairy comes tonight and we've talked about it all day.

This was the kind of week where you look for the t-ball uniform a half hour before the game starts and realize it's in the bottom of the dirty laundry pile and there's no way it can be worn. It's moments like this when I feel that I'm failing as a parent. That surely other mothers have it together better than I do, that other mothers obviously figure out how to wash the uniforms.

Or do they?
Perhaps we really are all in the same boat.

It was the kind of week where you discover the power of being a parent. Where your super mom genes surface and suddenly you can take on everything. You figure out how to cut the laundry cycle short and you make damn sure your kid has a clean uniform, even though we forgot his baseball hat. You figure out how to call in your order so dinner is waiting at the checkout for you because you haven't been home since 8:00am. You learn how to practice for the very last spelling test in the car and in the bath tub because you are certain that Jonas will miss "certain" on the test. But he didn't. He ended the year with a 100%.

It was the kind of week where you pull your children aside and make sure to tell them how proud you are of them. For their hard work, for all the good grades they earned, for their behavior. Because you had a moment, you looked around and saw other children, and that's when it hit you. You have amazing children. You are blessed. Perhaps you are doing something right as a parent.

Life is like a carousel.

Constantly spinning in circles, round and round. At times you wonder when it will stop, at times you hope it never stops.
You sit, you stand, you wave.
Our week was a whirl wind ride.
I spun in circles.
But no matter how many times I went round and round, no matter how often I felt dizzy and wanted to fall down, I never did. I always end the week with a smile. Because I know that Friday nights are ours. No matter how busy our week may become we always have Friday.

Last night it was veggie sloppy joes, a trip to the store to pick out birthday invitations, a game of picking up toys that actually turned into a lot of fun, a movie night decked out with a fort and popcorn and donut making for bedtime snacks and breakfast.

I am more than ready for this long weekend.
To enjoy just hanging around the house. Dinner with my parents, movies with the kids, hopefully swimming in the pool and finally planting the garden. Jon's home all day Sunday, no soccer for him, so we'll make sure to make the best of that day and enjoy it as a family. We are ready. It's been a long week.

Hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

*This picture of Jonas is from Thursday while on his school field trip to the zoo


  1. I appreciate your honesty because some days I feel the same. I give myself a pep talk before dinner and tell myself I can push myself. My boys are 2 and 1 (15 months apart) and full of energy! I love every moment we have but it takes a lot out of you. As Moms we are always trying to strive to be better. It's nice to hear that someone feels the same as me some days.

    1. i always give myself a pep talk! and parenting definitely takes a lot out of you. but i think it's in these trying moments that you find strength. these moments teach you to be the better parent. they teach you to grow. and the fact that us moms strive to be better shows that strength.

  2. hope you had a relaxing weekend! I feel your pain. We all have our moments and days :)


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