22 May 2013

the annual lobster clam bake.



Every year our family restaurant, Bender's Tavern, hosts the annual Lobster Clam Bake. In keeping up with traditions we attended on Saturday night with my parents and Jon's mom. It's a night filled with family and friends, good food and interesting conversations. I look forward to the menu of little neck clams, fresh lobster, tossed salad and Bender's fries all paired with a perfect chardonnay. The blueberry pie never fails, and while I don't eat dairy, I always sneak a bite or two with my coffee.

We ended our night on the couch cuddled in blankets, our legs intertwined and our hands in popcorn bowls. We've been waiting to watch Nim's Island 2 and I finally reserved it on the red box. I let the kids stay up a little later than usual, but secretly I didn't mind at all. Jon managed to get home early so it was a treat for him to say goodnight to the boys. Jess passed out on me half way through the movie, but I'll take those kind of cuddles any day of the week.








Over the years we have managed to start several new family traditions and each year I look forward to these events. Our days and weeks have been so consumed with extracurricular activities that we need these events and traditions to relax and enjoy ourselves. As we roll into summer I hope our days are filled with plenty of relaxation and loose schedules. I hope we can put the busy times behind us and embrace the warm weather, the radiant sunlight and the cool pool water.

I signed the boys up for swim team, which is (cringe) a five day a week commitment. They'll also be playing golf once a week, but I think we'll enjoy these new activities. To be honest, Jonas needs to participate in swim team. He needs the socialize since he's such a shy guy AND he's an excellent swimmer. Josh, on the other hand, is so outgoing and wants to try anything and everything. Perhaps some dangerous qualities as he gets older. I better watch that one!

How do you manage your summer schedule? Low key and laid back or loaded with activities? How do you balance the activities? That's something I'm still trying to figure out, and to be honest, I don't know if I ever will.

You can see last year's lobster clam bake here and the previous one here.

I love going back in time and looking at old pictures! Can you believe how big the kids are? And...I also noticed that my hair has not changed at all in the past three years. I thought I was letting it grow, but apparently it's not growing. Suggestions?

I'm feeling adventurous and have an appointment for next week and may go for the ombre look. Perhaps like this or this. I don't dye my hair, so I'm a bit nervous. And can someone please tell me how to get those curls??

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  1. love the ombré. and now I *really* miss my long hair!


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